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Why work with us?


Today's highly competitive engineering business have forced many a company to reorganize their R&D. A quick benchmark among your competitors will show that each of them has developed a network of service suppliers abroad, boosting significantly their efficiency.

By outsourcing your projects to advanz engineering you too will have the unique opportunity to work with experienced engineers at a very competitive cost.

Partner with us! There are plenty of good reasons to join us.



Our services are reliable: we care about your project.

We care about your project.

  • We plan your projects carefully and deliver what you expect: on time, on budget, on quality.
  • We have a state-of-the art IT infrastructure and we use the latest CAD and animation technologies.
  • Our engineering staff is carefully recruited and trained.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Our services are very affordable: we care about your money.

We care about your money.

  • We provide our customer with high-value engineering services at a fair price.
  • You save precious engineering money –and increase your bottom-line result.

Our services are fast: we care about your time.

We care about your time.

  • Your projects are processed faster, you can bid for projects with a tighter deadline.

We offer flexibility and efficiency.

We offer flexibility and efficiency.

  • Our experienced designers are kept at hand for you: you can bid for larger projects.
  • By freeing your qualified staff from tedious tasks, you concentrate on your core-business and increase your productivity.

We communicate openly.

We communicate openly.

  • We are committed to an open, honest, long-termed relationship to our customers.
  • Our staff is fluent in English. All team members are easily reachable by phone or e-mail and will never leave you with unanswered questions.

advanz engineering GmbH

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